Bomastraat Urban Farm Acasa

With the project in the Bomastraat in Ghent, Acasa wants to develop a business site that creates added value in various ways for both the owner and the tenants, with added social value for the entire neighborhood and by extension for the residents of Ghent.

The buildings will be developed for rental to a mix of a few office companies at the front, to start-ups, artists, craft producers, ... in open studio spaces at the back, possibly a company canteen, and ... an urban agriculture project on the roof (s). The model of the roof farm of PAKT serves as an inspiring example. It is requested to develop a similar urban agriculture project from design to start-up, tailored to the site in Bomastraat.

For AD architects it is important to already investigate a number of parameters that determine the feasibility of the project. For example, the architects can check a number of things with the urban planning services and, if necessary, adjust the design for the building application accordingly.

At the end of 2020, the PAKT team delivered a feasibility study including water balance study, in which the possibilities and limits of the development of an urban agriculture project in Bomastraat were explored. The following parameters were mapped out in preparation for the building application: soil, surface, accessibility, rainwater, shade, sun, type of planting, parapet (privacy), roof load-bearing capacity at the front & rear, ...

Based on this study, a schematic design and concept were developed. For this purpose, the intended functions of urban agriculture project were refined, end users / user mix defined; ... Expectations, responsibilities, harvest, maintenance, ... A stakeholder mapping and survey will follow in 2021. Based on the preferred scenario, all stakeholders are identified and questioned; i.e. owner of buildings, (potential) tenants, schools, local residents, local associations and urban agriculture initiatives. Based on their input, the urban agriculture model is refined and tested against real needs and interests.

And finally, a PAKT master plan is delivered: final design & scenario for a rooftop farm. This master plan includes a final design, cost estimate, leveling, substrate, rainwater retention, solar map, planting plan and a scenario for the start-up of the rooftop farm in Bomastraat.