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On Antwerp’s largest rooftop farm, you can grow vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, fish and chicken under the guidance of professional farmers. The harvest is shared among all rooftop farmers. For example, when you feed the chickens, you are allowed to take the eggs. The emphasis is not on the yield, but on experiencing, experimenting and learning together. There is a kitchenette, a pizza oven, benches and tables: your shared garden in the middle of the city. If you want to learn about gardening, hay cultivation, aquaponics, composting, sowing, harvesting, etc. you can join the activities that our farmers organise throughout the season. The main language is Dutch.

How does it work?

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*** Currently we're fully booked. You can join the waiting list by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. ***

You can get started at one of several kick-off meetings during the season (February/May/September). The membership fee is 50 euros / month. You can share your membership with max. 1 adult, children up to 18 years join for free. You can only become a rooftop member as a private person. Different agreements apply to professionals regarding access to the rooftop farm.


Every two weeks, there is a “dakklap” session. During these meetings, you can learn from the farmers. They always have a fixed format: seasonal explanation – working together in the garden – questions & discussion. The main language is Dutch.


There is a communal cultivation plan managed by several teams of volunteers, who will inform you about what needs to be done where and when on our online platform pakt-community.be, during activities and through task sheets and information boards. As a member, you get 5 name cards to identify your personal plants. You can cultivate and harvest these yourself. Ask for advice during our activities or consult the community about the best times to sow your plants, where to plant them on the rooftops, how to care for them, etc. You can also use our own manual to guide you through the season.


1.    After registration, you can access our online platform and you will be given a badge that gives you free access to the rooftop farm 7 days a week. 

2.    We ask you to keep quiet after 10 PM to respect our neighbours 

3.    A maximum of 30 people are allowed on the various rooftops. You can come whenever you want without reservation, but always respect the indicated maximum number of people on the rooftops for your own safety.

4.    Would you like to invite your grandchildren, uncles, aunts, acquaintances, friends, … ? This is possible for up to 5 people. If you are more than 5, we ask you to make a reservation. You can do so by registering your activity on our online platform. 

5.    Never pass on your badge to others. We are happy to make a second badge for your fellow rooftop farmer.

6.    While the PAKT farming cooperative (De Volle Grond cvso) is insured for the exploitation of the rooftops, they cannot be held responsible for any accidents. Each rooftop farmer must have a family insurance; we can request a proof if necessary.

7.    We ask you to respect the ecosystem of our rooftop farm at all times; leave no trace, always clean up after your visit. 

8.    As a member, you automatically agree to the above terms.

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