PAKT inspires European rooftop pioneers

Damien Derouaux

The European research project GROOF coaches ten 'rooftop pioneers' in France, Belgium and Luxembourg who aim to reduce CO2 emissions by building a greenhouse on their roof.

In this year course, PAKT inspires these early adopters with its story. Lessons learned, do's & don'ts, ... are shared about both the technical aspect and about the feasibility of the urban agriculture model. In June we organized a webinar for the rooftop pioneers, followed by an inspirational afternoon at the rooftop farm in October.

 Looking for inspiration?

GROOF: “PAKT bridges the gap between urban farming and 'classic' farming by giving the region's farmers visibility through their weekly market and online platform. It is an inspiring example combining diversified on- and off-ground farming in a renovated industrial estate. In other words, traditional vegetable cultivation is mixed with newer techniques such as rooftop planting on old warehouses based on low-tech knowledge, aquaponic systems, ... "

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