Rooftop playground AG Vespa

The PAKT team provided a design for the construction of a roof playground in Borgerhout in collaboration with PlusOffice Architects and AG Vespa including;

- Technical advice regarding construction (type and implications of water retention system, type and thickness of substrate, lava, root cloth, foil, ...)
- Water plan: mapping available water harvests, need for water for plants, dimensioning rainwater well, proposal for pumping systems, ...)
- Botanical advice (drawing up a solar map, choice of plant in function of walkability, height of sun-shade, bees) butterflies, edibility, fall protection (thorns), herbs in labyrinth, non-toxic plants, ...)
- Fauna: hive, coop,… Short description of benefits, maintenance, points for attention
- Cost estimate installation green roof
- Separate cost estimate for the play roof
- Cost estimate maintenance